Chemical & petrochemical products

Tecnoimpianti supports your company offering services for the whole production chain, from general to detailed design, commissioning, turnkey assembly of process industrial plants.

Our process plants, constructed in more than 20 years of activities, are essentially:

• Refining plants
• Distillation plants
• Plants for colours and varnishes process
• Plants for hot melt process
• Acrylic resin production plants
• Plants for solvents process
• Plants for food fluids
• Abrasives production plants
• Polyurethane production plants
• Plants for tea production and flavour extraction
• Food refining production plants

To support the above mentioned plants, we design and construct plants for the production and management of primary and secondary energy, monitoring plants, MT-BT electric plants, energy transformation cabins, and plants for the storage, batch and packaging of the finished product.