Energy production plants

Tecnoimpianti designs, constructs and manages leading solutions in the field of energy auto production. They are addressed both to medium and small enterprises and to bigger private, commercial and industrial estates, in Italy and abroad.

The kinds of plants are the following:
• vegetable oil cogeneration with combined cycle endothermic engines for energy recycling;
• solid biomass cogeneration;
• biogas cogeneration deriving from anaerobic fermentation;
• oil emulsion / fats production plants;
• systems for pollutants reduction
Connected to the above mentioned commissioning activities, Tecnoimpianti carries out energy audit aiming at identifying solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the whole industrial cycle;
Here a list of successful goals we have hit over the years:

1. Valorisation of energy efficiency intervention through Energy Efficiency Credit and its management by means of internationally leading companies.
2. Management on behalf of the clients of the energy suppliers selection and maximisation of energy purchase.
3. Energy cost reduction, real production being equal.
4. Pollutants reduction.
5. Stabilization of industrial production energy asset.